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Couple 20mins speed paintings exploring a mood


Sunday Mornin’ Drawin’

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Found time today to do an image of the main character. Think  ive found the style id like to persue for the comic, just need to nail the rest of the characters and do a test page. The story is looking promising!

Older image that i never got around to finishing up or posting here, its of Jessica

Cover/ Style test

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A test image to try and find a style that would work in my comic, this is a bit to much and would take a lifetime to do over a whole book so i need to refine it, but i like the initial direction. Inspired by Jae Lee and Jorge Zaffino, both of which i been studying alot of lately. I like the scratchy ink look with the halftone, just need to simplify it a bit more so its easier to read.

Cover Mockups

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Started some fake covers for this story during the week, Still very rough WIP.

The usual starting point being thumbnails

There was other thumbnails but i cant find them.

Started working on some of them and this is were im at so far.

this final one was from a sketch of my initial idea for the main villian, Pale horseman, but looks to much like ghost rider so i left it, but i kinda like it so it will work somewhere.

not much to say about these, they are what they are.


getting into character

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Bought some replica revolvers and a nice leather holster with additional quick draw holster. I said to myself and my girlfriend they are purely for reference for this project, but ill be honest i have ran around the apartment making bang noises and shooting imagenery bad guys.


Smith & Wesson Schofield

Photos courtesy of my Girlfriend Linnea

I got this last one recently but stole a photo off google

Colt army revolver

About time for an update

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What with Christmas, heavy workloads and introduction of a puppy into my life i havent devoted the time i had hoped to this project. Hopefully this will change, finally got a decent workstation at home so i can spend more time working on this.

Got some random sketches and paintings i started over last month or so, still exploring the world.

First off i can introduce some sketches of characters, just getting an idea of how the general direction i want, sci fi but not sci fi, western but not western.

Joseph: The second in command to main villain element of the story, leading his dog like pack of savage canabilistic humans, communicating in a series of growls, yelps and teeth showing. I want to help protray him as a alpha male larger than others but still lean in body, so i thought of the bear skin coat to bulk him out.

dried cracked skin from the life spent in the wastelands

this one above captured more or less the attitude and character of joseph, cocky, confident and with the sadist elements like the tight bindings around his body.

Unamed/ The Keeper:  The main character, old war veteran thats spent his life carrying the coffer

Lawmen: Corrupt, sadistic men that run the larger townships and few rare cities.

Pale Horseman: Im completely unsure about this character, i struggle creating monstrous demonic looking characters that arent to ‘comicy’ or cartoony.

Carrion Queen: Again same reason as above, im struggling with this, either bloated bug like queen popping out eggs, or strangely beautiful female.

Some older sketches when i was just getting into this before christmas:

I was exploring how i could possible produce a comic, so i was looking at inking styles, but its such a struggle i dont know were to go there just yet.

Hopefully this is interesting to someone out there, it would be great to hear any thoughts, good or bad (hopefully encouraging)

Thanks for your time in checking out my feeble attempt to work my way through this.

The Beginning

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Today starts the development of this project by creating this blog.


I need a project to do outside of work that is as far from the stuff i draw and paint everyday as possible, so i turn to my first love, WESTERNS. Throw a bit of sci-fi and horror in the mix and hopefully we got something fun to occupy my ‘free’ time with.

The goals are not to make a comic book but rather just flesh out a story visually, and if a comic comes out of that then all good, but for the moment ill try some concept art, some illustrations and a few comic pages to see how things go.

The first steps should be writing some of the story down and putting together scripts for the comic, but i think something more fun will be in order. Some concepts of the characters to get the ball rolling.

I love comics but i have never tried drawing any, so this should give me incentive to learn and produce something.


We will see.